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*lies down in the middle of the men's room half naked* BABY'S GOT A BOOM-BOOM

ok some character suggestions (mind you, they are only suggestions):

Nob - A hobbit with the unfortunate job of cleaning up after Barliman Butterbur.

Joey Bombadil - Some guy who lives in the woods, completely oblivious to the rest of the outside world. He frequently urinates on evil trees and barrows to save the hobbits from them. He encourages the hobbits to enjoy their time in his woods, even letting them on his tree swing (which he is to chicken to use himself). He spends most of his day being happy and gay and trying to win the affections of the river daughter, the yellow haired Linsberry (another character suggestion), who in turn spends most of her day trying to avoid him. Eating the one Ragu has no effect on him... he never did care for Italian food.

Bill Ferny - A man who lives in Bree who is in the process of remodeling his house to resemble a choo-choo train. His kids all blaze up while hanging outside his daughter's bedroom window. He is a spy for the nazgul mafia. He mistreats his animals, and sells one of his mistreated steeds to the hobbits at triple the price of a healthy steed. As an act of revenge the pimp king and the hobbits egg his just completed choo-choo house as they head off for Weathertop.
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